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Welcome to the flip side of Purgatory Dawn. This is the occ community to purgatory_dawn You can find General FAQ and information about your fellow rpers posted here. Notices that affect the entire roleplay will be posted here as well as updates to what to expect in the future and what's going on with the moderators.

Suggestions are always welcome and can be posted here beside of general questions. Plotbunnies can find nice homes and other plotbunnies to multiply with here. Please feel free and plot or look for someone to plot with in this little corner of the net.

General Guidelines:

Respect each other.

Flames are not welcome here.

Any large graphics need to be under an lj-cut.

Any pics that aren't worksafe need to be under a cut and with proper warnings.

FYI - Yes, this is where you post your introduction post after being accepted, contact information, and what character you play. Feel free to post your entire character application to share with others here if you like, just remember to lj cut it.

Moderators -

DC - stefan_dark
Lily - rhiannonlefrost