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I gotta go. Please unfriend this journal, as I'll reuse it. It was fun while it lasted! ^_^

Sorry for me being so quite the last four days ... I've been sick the last three weeks, and at Sunday the fever came back. No chance to write anything decent.
And after the fever was gone I just had to type the first chapter of my fanfic ^.^

Will catch up now ^.^


Hi I'm Kat and I'll be playing Kale, kalesdiamond , My real lj is over here kinnerdarkness . I love rp and I really wasn't able to catch the first purgatory. I'm really glad I get a chance to catch it this time. I'm usually on aim you can catch me on keitwinsoul, I'm typically hidden but you're free to im me.

Hope to play with you soon!

Just some random questions!

Are the characters unable to see the other character's journal entries? Or are they assumed to be on a real journal network?

I was also wondering what the various employee uniforms in the club might look like. I'm not looking for specifics, just curious about them in general.

Aloha ^.^

Hi out there ^-^ My Name's Johanna kabuki_chan, 29 year old Graphic/Websomething Designer from Dschärmany.
When I read DC's post at the yaoi-community, I just couldn't resist to drag a certain demon out of the hole, he was hiding in.

Hika is one of my favorite original chars, who had his first apperance in a fic that started as Weißkreuz-Fanfic and went completely AU. Since then he had some cameos in our WoW-group.
Have to finish tonight the revised character bio (hehe - have to get some bordeaux, more cigarettes and then I'll start the whole thing).

I beg for some mercy if you encounter funky grammar-mistakes in my posts. Haven't written any story whatsoever in english for more then a year. But w/ practice it will become better by time :P

Usually the best way to reach me is via kabuki-at-solokuenstler-dot-de

Introduction, introduction!

Before I begin, um, please excuse any typos and the like that might be littered through this entry. I'm rather embroiled in this year's NaNoWriMo, and that means there's a considerable amount of liquor being consumed. Nonetheless, I'll do my best, and promise to fix the errors later on.

So, hi! My name's Ren (kageotogi ), and there's not a great deal to me, I'm afraid. I like to roleplay, I like to write, and sometimes I like our lovely mod DC, so I figured I'd combine all three of those things by joining Purgatory Dawn. The rest of you are all perks.

I'll be playing Kallias Eneas, a young man with muse-blood who happens to work with Special Services down in Hell. I will eventually get around to posting information regarding his character and, of course, the muses, but I'm afraid that will have to wait until I (a) a bit more time and (b) considerably less liquor in my belly. In short, Kallias is a descendant of the three original muses from Greek mythos. The muse traits have been rather watered down in him, but he occasionally has a spurt of talent for things of that nature. Oh, and he's good with dreams. Long story.

My contact information and availability.Collapse )

Righto. This NaNoWriMo thing isn't going to finish itself, so I'd best get back to work. It's nice to meet all of you!

Intro's and such from the other modly one

Howdy, name's Lily. Most of you met me through applications. ^_^ On this list, besides being one of the great and powerful modly ones, I play Rhiannon LeFrost and occassionally her asshole of a brother Asher LeFrost (He's around usually for plot purposes only). All there info is on their user info (Asher's a bit more detailed, heh, have played him a lil'longer). 

Best way to get ahold of me is via e-mail, HarleyLQuinn@aol.com. If that doesn't work, I'm usually always on AIM under HarleyLQuinn. (Just because the away message is up doesn't mean I'm not around, I like to hide. ^_^; ) It may take me a day to get back to you, just cause I'm juggling this, work, and my master's degree. lol. So far, *fingers crossed* things seeme to be balanced pretty good.

Anyway, pleasure to meet ya'll. I, like D, look forward to RPing with you. Always open for a story line, whatever. ^_^



An intro!

Hey there. I'm Butterscotch, and I'll be playing Vash. His background is pretty typical for anyone who's seen the anime, with a few manga references thrown in - since the manga's great, but not everyone is as familiar with it.

Vash will be working as a waiter in the Heaven area of the club. He can be a little shy when it comes to sexual situations, which will make him being here interesting. There'll be a very good chance of hilarity should anyone ever try to get him into Hell. ;)

I'm on AIM under 'toast on buttah', but not very often. The fastest way to get into contact with me would be to e-mail me, butterscotch.babe -at- gmail.com.

I'm looking forward to jumping in here!


Hi there, everyone~♥ I'm Gottis, 28 years old, female, from Sweden of all places, and I'm so happy I found this place. Now, for my info:

Personal journal: gottis_chan
E-mail: sailoryuugi [at] yahoo [dot] se
AIM: Angelic Tensai

And my boy:

Name: Kikumaru Eiji (Eiji being the given name)
Age: In this rp: 18. (In canon he's about 14½)
From anime: Prince of Tennis, with a few modifications.
Works as: Special Services Staff (Heaven) /Waiter

History HereCollapse )

And more on the character... I've created a music video starring his voice actor singing one of his character songs, and put it up on Youtube. For those interested, it can be found

hereCollapse )

Introduction ~_^

Hey! I'm DC and one of the mods here. I figured I'd do an introduction post because I enjoy typing. And I'm excited about the roleplay.

Anyway, I play Stefan Dark - stefan_dark and Bastian - honor_falling. My contact info and what not are all on the front page as well as Stefan's journal. Just a reminder that if you have suggestions, comments, and the like you can e-mail either me or the other modly one (Lily) with them.